ICC Gateway Device Selector

The device selector is designed to help you decide which gateway best fits your integration needs.

To find the appropriate device:
  1. Select the network types of your devices
  2. Choose the protocols for your application
  3. Enter the number of parameters for each protocol

Refer to the Definitions section for more details.

Select the networks to convert between

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Select a device


Object Memory Used

Multi-Interface Port
Protocol Selection
RS-485 Port
Protocol Selection


Object Memory

The device object memory is used to store the object configuration for each protocol. The memory is shared between all serial protocols instead of having set limits for each protocol's objects individually.
NOTE: Ethernet protocols on the ETH-1000 do not use object memory; each protocol has its own fixed limitations

Service Object

A service object is used by master/client protocols to define a request (or multiple requests) on the network. A service object may consist of a range of consecutive network objects. For example, to read Modbus Holding Registers 1 through 10, a single service object could be used since the registers are consecutive and are of the same register type.

Protocol Object

A protocol object is used by slave/server protocols to define a single object which will reside in the gateway. Some examples of these would be a Modbus Holding Register Remap, a BACnet Analog Input, or a Metasys N2 Binary Input.

Data Array

A data array is used by slave/server protocols to define a certain number of bytes to transfer to and receive from a master/client on the network. These arrays consume memory only from the internal 4K byte database, not from object memory. Some examples of these would be PROFIBUS Input and Output data or EtherNet/IP Produced and Consumed data.

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