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Toshiba Q7/G7/H7/W7 ASD communication card.

Metasys N2, Modbus RTU, and Siemens FLN RS-485 network connectivity for Toshiba Q7/G7/H7/W7-series ASDs.

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The ASD-NANOCOM multiprotocol communication interface provides RS-485-based network connectivity to Toshiba Q7/G7/H7/W7-series adjustable speed drives (ASDs). The ASD-NANOCOM connects directly to the drive's control board, and uses the drive's RS-485 port for network communications.

The ASD-NANOCOM supports four user-selectable registers can be designated for special processing. The use of these registers is protocol-dependent. An optional 1s-255s network timeout time can be selected. If a timeout setting is selected, then after the designated period of network inactivity the interface will perform actions to place the drive in a "failsafe" state. The specific action taken is protocol-dependent.

The Modbus RTU protocol allows all ASD parameters numbered FA00 - FFFF to be accessible as Modbus holding registers both at 0xFA00 - 0xFFFF (64000 - 65535) as well as 0x0A00 - 0x0FFF (2560 - 4095). This allows master devices that can index only 9999 total holding registers to access all available ASD information.

Manuals Version Information Firmware
  • All ASD-NANOCOM units with serial number 10544043 or higher have been released with firmware version 2.100.
  • All ASD-NANOCOM units with serial number 10543742 or higher have been released with firmware version 2.000.
  • All others were released with firmware V1.000.

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Network InterfaceRS-485
LED IndicatorsNo
Serial ProtocolsMetasys N2 Slave, Modbus RTU Slave, Siemens FLN Slave
Power SupplyASD
Configuration File Upload/DownloadNo
Network Timeout ActionYes
Mounting OptionsInternal
Mounting Hardware IncludedYes
RoHS CompliantYes